Open Source Software

This page provides links to the software that I have released as open source. For a full list of the software I've published, see this section of my CV.

Thyrd is an experimental, reflective, visual programming language. Initial open source release: Real Soon Now, 2008.

Poet (Prototype Object Extension for Tcl) is an object-oriented programming extension for Tcl/Tk featuring prototype-based inheritance, constraints, and persistence. It includes Poetics (Poet Integrated Construction Set), a set of tools allowing the end-user to inspect and modify a running Poet application. Initial open source release: September, 2007.

dna2abc is a Tcl/Tk application for turning DNA sequences into musical sequences. The user writes rules, each consists of a regular expression and a Tcl script that's executed when the expression matches a portion of the input DNA sequence. The scripts output a musical score in the ABC format. Initial open source release: June, 2001.